When it comes to finished products, we take all aspects into consideration from the surface to be painted, durability, and quality of products.

Exterior painting window frames

All exterior projects start with an on-site project evaluation appointment. We will examine and discuss the scope of work as well as give advice on procedures and Color consultation based on the many years of project experience. In most cases a free estimate is worked up on site and reviewed in person. We also send it in a digital format with our state-of-the-art software program used for estimating, dispatching and invoicing. Our customers appreciate the automated texting when a technician is on the way. As well as the emailed estimate and invoice notifications making it easy to view and approve.

We have highly skilled and competent leaders on every job site as well as the owner Tim Trog personally monitoring the quality, safety and customer relations on a regular basis. All of our internal crew members are highly skilled and experienced as well resulting in high-end quality, service and respect our customers are accustomed to and expect from us.


In most cases the surface needs to be clean and free of mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Our pressure washing technician will come in first and perform a thorough deep clean. After allowing ample dry time the painting crew will arrive on time being led by a highly experienced project manager. Company owner Tim Trog will arrive for the initial walk-through and discussion of the scope of work and any special requests and expectations the customers may have. " This is such a huge factor in the success of the project from day one." Tim stays involved throughout the process by regularly inspecting the quality and job site safety as well as staying in touch with any customer questions or concerns.


Most of our time on a job is spent on Preparation and setting up by laying out protective tarps, maneuvering ladders, and setting up scaffolding where necessary. This is also when we bring in our in-house Carpenter for any  repairs necessary . The end result is depending on how much time we spend getting the surface ready for paint. Much time is spent scraping, sanding, Caulking and priming before paint is ever applied. Power painters take great pride in the quality of their finish. It all starts here.


During the consultation with the customer we established a desired color and products best suited for the job. Once all of the preparation is complete our painters use their experience and knowledge to choose the proper tools to achieve the best finished product.


We have skill technicians trained in operation and safety procedures necessary to perform a wide range of tasks were heavy equipment manlift booms and Scaffolding are necessary.